C5TR01 Viva CRT-P
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy - Pacing (CRT-Pacing)
C5TR01 Viva CRT-P

Device Survival Probability


    1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr 5 yr 6 yr 7 yr at 94.0 mo    
% Excluding Normal Battery Depletion 100.0 100.0 100.0 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.8    
% Including Normal Battery Depletion 99.9 99.7 99.3 97.5 95.1 90.9 83.9 65.6    
#   7369 6608 5922 5151 4410 3628 1757 126    
  • Including Normal Battery Depletion – This curve includes devices that have reached at least 80% of expected longevity. This curve is most representative of clinical performance and how long the device will last.
  • Excluding Normal Battery Depletion – This is the malfunction free survival curve.

Customer Communications For This Model

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Product Characteristics

Generator Type CRT-Pacing
Max. Delivered Energy N/A
Connector Style CRT-P Style
Serial Number Prefix PZZ
Mass 26 g
Volume 15 cc
Waveform N/A
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CRT-P Style

Estimated Longevity

Amplitude Setting 500 Lead Ω 1000 Lead Ω
Low 2.5 V (A, RV) 8.5 10.4
Nominal 3.5 V (A, RV) 5.8 8.0
High 5.0 V (A, RV) 3.2 5.0

Longevity estimates based on the following device usage. Pace/Sense Mode DDD ; Atrial Pulse Width 0.4 ms; Right Ventricle Pulse Width 0.4 ms; Lower Pace Rate 60 bpm; Right Ventricle Percent Paced 100 %; Upper Sensing Rate 130 ppm; Atrial Percent Paced 100 %; Left Ventricle Pulse Width 0.4 ms; Left Ventricle Pulse Amplitude same as A, RV; Left Ventricle Percent Paced 100 %; Left Ventricle Lead Impedance same as A, RV; EGM Prestorage ON ; EGM Prestorage ON Time 1 ; Atrial Fib Percent of Time 0 %Hide this content


Distribution Data

US Market Release
CE Approval Date2014-04-04
Registered USA Implants
Estimated Active USA Implants
Normal Battery Depletions
US Market Release
CE Approval Date2014-04-04
Estimated WW Distribution12655
Normal Battery Depletions4

Malfunctions (USA)

Therapy Function Not Compromised
Therapy Function Compromised

Malfunctions (WW)

Therapy Function Not Compromised 0
Therapy Function Compromised 1
Possible Early Battery Depletion 1

EOS Indication

From the point that the RRT is set, the pacemaker will operate for approximately three months for typical pacemaker configurations during the normal operating life.


Elective Replacement (ERI)

Battery voltage less than or equal to 2.77V on 3 consecutive daily automatic measurements.

Data as of December 1, 2023

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