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Limited License to Use Provided Marketing Materials Directed to Medtronic Aortic, Peripheral, and Endovenous Products and Procedures

This Agreement contains the terms and conditions upon which Medtronic, Inc., acting through its Endovenous business, having a place of business at 2300 Berkshire Lane N., Plymouth, MN 55441 (hereinafter referred to as "Medtronic") grants to you (the "Recipient") a limited license to use certain copyrighted material previously developed by Medtronic. By selecting “I Agree” below, Recipient acknowledges that you have read this Agreement in its entirety, and that Recipient agrees to be bound by each of the following terms and conditions:

  • Medtronic hereby grants a limited license to the Recipient to use the marketing materials for Medtronic’s Endovenous products contained within the Endovenous Asset Library (hereafter "Materials") only in connection with the Recipient''s marketing and patient education of Medtronic’s Endovenous products. Medtronic owns, or has rights in, all copyrights and trademark rights in and to all Materials contained within the Endovenous Asset Library, and no transfer of any copyrights or trademark rights to the Recipient is contemplated by this Agreement.
  • No permission is granted in any way not set forth above, and no other rights are granted by this Agreement, including the right to create derivative works (except customizable portions of some templates, as further set forth below). To the extent that you use any of the Materials, no changes shall be made to any of the copyrighted Material, including any legal notices included thereon, which remain the property of Medtronic. You may only use the Materials in their original form, as provided by Medtronic.
  • For any Materials that contain customizable portions, Recipient hereby agrees to only modify those portions that are indicated as customizable, and Medtronic retains all copyrights in both the original and the modified versions of the Materials.
  • Recipient hereby further agrees to modify those portions that are indicated as customizable only with information that is accurate, not disparaging to Medtronic or any Medtronic products or procedures, does not promote or suggest off-label use of any Medtronic product, and does not use any copyrights or trademarks of any third party. Medtronic reserves all rights to refuse any customization that does not follow the guidelines set forth above.
  • The Materials that contain customizable portions are provided as a service for a fee and may be obtained only by ordering hard copies through Medtronic. Recipient agrees to not download or otherwise copy or save in electronic form any Materials that contain customizable portions, and any such download or copy would constitute a copyright infringement.
  • The Materials are directed to various procedures using the Medtronic products only. Therefore, Recipient agrees to use the Materials only in connection with marketing and patient education of procedures using the Medtronic products, and only so long as the Recipient performs the procedures using Medtronic products.

Upon selection of “I Agree” below, Recipient will be granted access to the Endovenous Asset Library, which contains the Materials in electronic form. Recipient agrees that any and all information provided to access the Endovenous Asset Library (e.g., passwords, user name, hyperlinks, etc.; hereafter “Access Information”) is to be used for the purpose described above, and not to share any such Access Information with anyone else for any purpose. Recipient also agrees not to share any of the Materials, either in electronic form or hard copy, with anyone else.

Recipient acknowledges and agrees that any use of any Materials provided by Medtronic beyond the terms of this Agreement would constitute copyright infringement and/or trademark infringement.

This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed according to the laws of the State of Minnesota without regard to the choice of law provisions thereof.

If the terms of this Agreement are not acceptable, please select “I Do Not Agree” below and you will not be given access to the Endovenous Asset Library. By clicking “I Agree” below you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms above. If the terms of this Agreement are acceptable, please select “I Agree” below.


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