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Potential for no output/no telemetry condition in subset of IPG and CRT-P products due to ceramic capacitor leakage pathway Azure™ and Astra™ pacemakers, and Percepta™, Serena™ and Solara™ CRT-P
Dual Chamber Pacemakers with Measurement Lock-up ERI Kappa 600 thru 900 EnPulse Adapta Versa Sensia Relia, Vitatron E50A1 E60A1 G70A1
Clinical Management of VCM near Elective Replacement Kappa 700 and other IPGs equipped with the VCM algorithm
General Follow-Up and Replacement of ICD Leads ICD Leads
Clinical Management of High-Voltage Lead System Oversensing ICD Leads
Tests and Observations for Clinical Assessment of Chronic Pacing Leads Chronic Pacing Leads 851050