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Product Date Advisory
InSync® III Model 8042 2015-Nov Potential High Battery Impedance
Reveal LINQ Model LNQ11 2016-Feb Premature RRT alert in some LINQ devices
6930, 6931, 6948, 6949 Sprint Fidelis Defibrillation Leads 2007-Oct Potential Conductor Wire Fracture
Sigma Implantable Pulse Generators 2005-Nov Potential Separation of Interconnect Wires (2005)
Viva™ CRT-D and Evera™ ICD 2016-Aug Potential Rapid Battery Depletion Due To Circuit Component
All models of Claria MRI CRT-D SureScan and Amplia MRI CRT-D SureScan devices. 2016-Dec Potential Loss of Left Ventricle Pacing Due to Software Issue
EnRhythm and EnRhythm MRI Pacemakers 2010-Feb Low Battery Voltage Displayed at Device Interrogation
EnTrust® VR/DR/AT ICDs 2012-Mar Potential Rapid Battery Depletion 476050