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Synchromed® II Battery Performance

Urgent: Medical Device Correction
Dated July 2011

You may use this web page to determine whether your Medtronic Synchromed II pump has a battery manufactured prior to March 17, 2005, on or after March 17, 2005, or is not at risk for reduced battery performance as described in Medtronic's physician letter dated July 2011.
Models 8637-20, 8637-40

To determine whether any Medtronic Synchromed II pump is within the affected population for the Battery Performance issue:

  1. Type the serial number of the Medtronic device in the search box above. The serial number must be typed in accurately and exactly in the format shown in the example - with three alpha characters followed by six numeric digits and one alpha character. Do not include any spaces. Example: NGV123456H
  2. If the serial number falls within either population of pumps that are potentially at risk for the battery performance issue, the serial number will appear in a box and will state to which population of pumps (pre- or post-March 17, 2005) your Synchromed II pump belongs.
    NOTE: The inclusion of a pump in either affected population does not necessarily mean that the pump will be impacted by the issue. Refer to Medtronic's physician letter dated July 2011 for Medtronic's patient management recommendations.
  3. If the serial number does not fall within either affected population, the serial number will appear in a box and will state that "the pump contains a battery that is not affected by this issue".

Note: To obtain accurate and reliable results, you must enter the serial number
accurately. If you have questions about the results of your search or the use
of this web page, please contact your Medtronic representative.

This web page has been updated to include all SynchroMed II pumps associated
with the July 2009 and July 2011 Urgent: Medical Device Correction letters.