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Medtronic pacemakers

EnRhythm™ and EnPulse™

The Medtronic EnRhythm™ pacemaker is a small, implantable medical device prescribed for people with a slow or weak heart rhythm to stimulate the heart muscle with precisely timed pulses of electricity.

The EnRhythm pacemaker, which delivers electricity to both the right atrium and right ventricle, promotes natural heart activity by significantly reducing unnecessary pacing in the heart’s right ventricle when normal heart conduction is present by automatically switching to pace the right atrium. The EnRhythm device is the first-ever pacemaker to offer this exclusive feature, called MVP™ or Managed Ventricular Pacing. With MVP, the device can be programmed to deliver pacing pulses to the right ventricle less than 5 percent of the time, compared to 50 percent or more with typical dual-chamber pacing. This is an important clinical benefit since clinical studies have shown that unnecessary pacing in the right ventricle can increase the risk for heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

The Medtronic EnPulse™ pacemaker is the world’s first fully automatic pacemaker for slowly beating hearts. It is the first-ever medical device to regularly measure the minimum energy needed to stimulate the heart’s upper and lower chambers and automatically adjust the intensity of electrical impulses delivered to both chambers without physician intervention. This new therapy feature may help patients feel better and minimize the amount of time patients spend in a physician’s office.

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